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The best Sportfishing & Dolphins / Whales watching Tours in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido offers the best Fishing Adventure in town.
Try it with Captain' Rey

Sport fishing Tour in Puerto Escondido


Experience sport fishing with Los Reyes in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a world-class fishing destination. In the best fishing area in the Pacific Ocean. Sail the seas looking for a sailfish, tuna, marlin, dorado, sierra and more! Join us, bring your friends and family for the capture of your life!

Dolphins Watching Puerto Escondido


Tourists who visit Puerto Escondido live a unique experience. The contact with nature and being able to observe species such as dolphins in total freedom marks them for life. With our boat ride, you will be able to observe the sunrise from the sea, you can appreciate in its total brightness families of dolphins from 100 to 1000 swim next to the boat, make jumps and turns that leave surprised the visitors who have the opportunity to make these excursions out to sea.

Whales Watching Puerto Escondido


Whale season is from December to February and it's an incredible sight to see. It is a unique time to take your family to discover these animals in the area of Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Los Reyes Cash & Relase Sportfishing  Puerto Escondido

Cash & Release Culture

Experience the thrill of releasing a live, healthy billfish to fight another day! Catch-and-release fishing has become a widely used conservation tool for these magnificent creatures.


Learning how to release your billfish healthy and unharmed helps to insure that recreational billfishing can continue for generations to come. Here is our opinion on this sensitive subject. Regrettably some billfish do occasionally die during the fight. There are no arguments about taking a dead fish home. We can understand people wanting to keep their first sizeable or possibly record-breaking fish; we used to do the same.

Sailfish are very easy and quick to release: grab them by the bill, out with the hook, stabilize them in the sea and slow ahead until you can see the fish is frisky again. Marlins can usually be released unharmed after a half-hour fight without hesitation; after an hour things get critical. Regrettably, big marlins frequently die during or after the fight. we also use only circle hook In order for a catch-and-release fishery to be successful in helping to conserve a fish, it is important that anglers do all that is possible to minimize post-release mortality.

Studies have shown that the use of non-offset circle hooks with natural baits in place of the more traditional J-hooks can dramatically increase a fish’s chance of survival.

We only keep dorado, or yellowfin tuna for lunch back at the beach at los Reyes Restaurant bar.

Los Reyes Sportfishing Puerto Escondido has won many tournaments in the different tournaments of the Oaxacan coast .

Los Reyes Sportfishing Puerto Esconndido has won many tournaments in the different tournaments of the Oaxacan coast 

*4th place International Sailing Tournament Puerto Escondido *2009,1st place Dorado Huatulco 2014,
*3 years in a row 1st place Virgin Tournament of the soledad Puerto Escondido ,
*First place picudo tournament 2015
*2nd place pez vela huatulco 2016,
*2 times First place dorado toneo Puerto Angelito 2016 and 2018

In Los Reyes the values instilled are honesty, dedication and commitment to the customer to provide a quality service and safe.

We have 2 pangas designed for sport fishing and other activities such as whale watching and dolphin (sea adventures)


Reviews for our lovely clients from TRIPADVISOR

Back to Back Sailfish
We had a wonderfuel two day adventure with Los Reyes Fishing Tours. I found Rey Aguirre Jr. online via Tripadvisor and communicated with him Via Whatsapp months prior to our arrival. They are based out of Puerto Angelito Beach in Puerto Escondido.

Upon arrival to Puerto Angelito to find his boat Vianey, we were approached by an older gentleman, who was offering us a dolphin/turtle watching tour. He was very kind and also offered us a table with chairs on the beach in front of his restaurant. After getting to his restaurant, it turns out it was Rey Jr.'s father!

We went on a 1 and a half hour boat excursion with my wife and my parents. It was very nice to see the dolphins and the turtles. Rey Sr. is an excellent tour guide. Very funny and knowledgable about Puerto Escondido. He has lived there and been a fishing guide all his life.

I met with Rey Jr. after the dolphin excursion and we set up a day of fishing that I will remember for the rest of my life!

He was very fair with his price, his equipment is top of the line with great lures to catch all varieties of species that are in season at the time of your visit. They provided an ice chest with ice and water for you to drink. You are free to bring the beverages of your choice.

This father and son duo are expert fishermen in Puerto and know exactly where the fish are and how to catch them. After about 2 hours into our 6 hour trip we hooked up with a sailfish!

There is a healthy sailfish population in Puerto Escondido, however they gave us the choice to keep it or release it. They encouraged us to release it which we did! Not 10 minutes passed from our first catch that we got our second sailfish! Even bigger! After our fishing trip we had a delicious meal prepared buy Mrs. Aguirre back at their restaurant!

These guys are great, very professional and will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime!!

Gracias a Los Reyes por esta bonita experiencia!

Familia Gonzales
JUNE 2019

Great time fishing. Very Professional.
Went fishing in the morning. Started by catching some Bonito and Tuna for maybe a half hour. Then we went into deeper water in search of sailfish, mahi, and marlin. Captain had quality gear and knew it and the waters very well! Would reccomend.


Los Reyes


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